foot soak with baking powder

Baking Powder Foot Soak

I had to bake there the other day. A few hours in the kitchen. Your feet can get heavy and tired. In such a case, I’m sure everyone has wondered if you can use baking ingredients for a foot bath. I mean milk and honey is nothing new now. But what about baking powder is almost the same as baking soda. Learn from me how to use a baking powder foot soak for your feet in the following article.

What is baking powder ?

Baking powder is a so-called propellant that is often used in the kitchen. It ensures that the dough becomes fluffy. For this, sodium hydrogen carbonate (sodium bicarbonate) is usually mixed with an acid plus a separating agent. This keeps baking powder dry in its sachet. When the baking powder comes into contact with water, a reaction begins. This releases carbon dioxide which forms small bubbles. This causes the dough to rise. But what does this do to our feet?

Effect of a baking powder foot soak

Part of the baking powder is baking soda. We therefore have similar effects to baking soda. The baking powder makes the water alkaline. Therefore acids can be buffered. Like e.g. odor-forming acids.

Helps against cornea

As with normal baking soda, the baking powder softens our cornea. Of course, this does not remove the cornea. You will have to help. What you will notice is that the cornea is much easier to loosen. After the removal of the excess skin, you may still use a cream. This will ensure that the skin remains supple for longer.

Helps against fungi

In fact, sodium bicarbonate in baking powder can help against fungi on the foot. Whether foot fungus or nail fungus, baking powder helps with both. Unfortunately, research does not yet know one hundred percent why it can help. It would not be so important to me also at all. Main thing the foot bath with baking powder lets the mushroom disappear.

Helps against foot odors

Again and again this tiresome subject. Some are properly punished with it. Often the best foot deodorants help nothing. So maybe you should try a foot bath with baking powder. The alkaline part of the baking powder neutralizes wonderfully the odor-forming acids on our feet. But you can also do more than just a foot bath. Just put some baking powder in your shoes overnight. And suddenly, your shoes stop smelling.

Helps against tired feet

I’m sure you’re familiar with it. After a long working day on your legs, your feet feel heavy and swollen. Just help your feet a little. The baking powder with the warm water stimulates the blood circulation. This makes it easier to remove metabolic waste products and bring nutrients to the feet. In addition, the baking powder extracts acids from the foot. These were created during the day in the muscles. They also make your feet feel heavy.

Ingredients for a successful foot bath with baking powder:

  • 3 tablespoons baking powder, not the one from the bags, it’s too expensive. It’s best to get a small supply right away. After all, you’ll probably need it more often. Just look here at Amazon for bulk packs.
  • A large foot tub
  • Enough water, so about ankle height
  • Towel
  • Something to do during the foot bath ( book, magazine, mobile phone…)

Instructions for imitating

  1. Place the foot tub in a comfortable place
  2. Pour the water and baking powder into the foot tub.
  3. Relaxed sitting bathing your feet
  4. Be busy with what you have prepared for yourself or simply be
  5. Enjoy your foot bath with baking powder for at least 15 minutes.
  6. When you’re done, dry your feet properly.
  7. Now, if you like, you can put some cream on your feet.

How often do you take a baking powder foot soak?

Now that was so good, you’re wondering when you’re gonna get to repeat it. That is up to you. However, I would always leave 1 day in between. Because the skin also needs its time to recover.

If you should however pursue a therapeutic purpose, then you can bathe your feet more often. But in this case I would only bathe my feet for 15 minutes a day. According to the motto, shorter for that more often.

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