Leguano test and experience report about the allrounder

This barefoot shoe test is about the Leguano Active. This is a barefoot shoe suitable for everyday use for almost every occasion.Find out in this Leguano test in which points the Leguano could convince and if it is the right shoe for you.


  • Looks like a normal sports shoe
  • Solid workmanship
  • Slightly slender shape
  • Excellent barefoot feeling
  • Abrasion resistant sole with weakened upper material
  • Very good suitability for everyday use
  • Suitable for washing machines

First impression and appearance

At first glance, the Leguano looks like a very simple sports shoe. On the second glance as well. That’s what I like most about its appearance. He does not attract attention. There are no eye-catchers as with ordinary sports shoes.

When I took it in my hand I noticed that the Leguano feels rather heavy compared to the Sole Runner. But this weight is not noticeable when you have the shoe on your foot.

Processing of the Leguano active

I knew in advance that the shoe would be handmade in Germany. Therefore, my expectations were very high regarding this. I was not disappointed.

The sole fits as it should. The inner material is very well attached. There is no seam on the outside.

My girlfriend and I both have the Leguano active in black. My girlfriend’s model is also impeccably finished.

Fit and wearing comfort

The Leguano aktiv feel incredibly good on my feet. The soft fabric flatters the feet. Therefore I can wear the shoes several hours a day without any problems.

The climate inside the shoe is also very pleasant. After several hours at work my feet stayed dry. And with several hours I mean 10 hours of work plus 1 hour in the car on the way there and back.

I have very wide feet, but the Leguano is rather narrow. That is no problem for me. I just bought size 47 instead of 46 and it is one of the most comfortable shoes for me.

I also wear this shoe more often during long hikes. Also there it is very pleasant to be on the way. The feet stay warm and dry. Because I am also very insensitive I also feel well in the deepest winter in the Leguanos. Also I was with them on the Dachstein glacier on the way without the feet became cold.

Barefoot feeling in the Leguano aktiv

With every step over stick and stone I feel the underground. Because the sole is very flexible I feel every bump. But it never comes to anything that stings unpleasantly. The feet always stay safely wrapped up.

Even though the sole is a little thicker than with other barefoot shoes, the barefoot feeling remains. So the sole of the Vivobarefoot Trail Firm Ground is much less flexible than the sole of the Leguano.

It is always fun to walk through the forest and to notice how my feet have to work. Every unevenness must be compensated, a very good training against flat feet.

Slip resistance in the Leguano

As I mentioned above, I was with the Leguanos on the Dachstein glacier. Up there at a height of 3000 m there is an ice cave to visit. In this cave, everything was mirror-smooth and wet.

Now comes the madness!

I could not even make a running jump to slide.

It was funny to see how all visitors had to walk with small steps in their professional hiking boots. A friend of mine slipped several times. I could walk normally without any problems. It was as if the shoes were sticking to the ground.

That was now 2 years ago and the shoes were brand new. After I rubbed some of the sole smooth over time, they also lost their grip. But after this time I can understand that too.

Material: The feet stay warm and dry

Like many barefoot shoes or sports shoes, Leguano aktiv uses plastic. It is very rare to find anything else on the market, except of course very expensive models made of leather.

The upper material is a mesh fabric of 100% polyester. The inner lining is 100% microfibre. The sole is made of Lifolit, an own creation of Leguano.

Although it is synthetic material, my feet do not sweat. They also stay warm at any temperature. Therefore I never had the need to actively test the winter version of the Leguano.

However, there is a problem with the used material. When I wear the shoes barefoot or use socks with a high plastic content, they smell very quickly. I have worn them for over half a year without smelling anything unpleasant. After wearing polyester socks for some time, the shoes smelled after 2 weeks.

But the great thing is, you can just throw them into the washing machine. Nothing broke and the sole did not come off.

What also came after the 2 years of use is a slight abrasion of the mesh fabric on the inside of the shoes. There where the feet touch each other sometimes. But I don’t see that as a problem either, because after this time it’s ok if the shoes have some damage.

Fields of use and suitability for everyday use

At this point I mention once again the simple design of the Leguano aktiv. Because of this you can wear the shoe to almost everything. It is simple and inconspicuous.

I wore it for a long time at work in the rehabilitation clinic and later in a physiotherapy practice.

But also in my free time I wore the Leguano aktiv to every occasion. Whether grocery shopping, walking or shopping with my girlfriend. Even going out in the evening is no problem.

The Leguano also cuts a good figure in sports. In the rehab I have instructed all kinds of groups in these shoes. Walking school, balance training, back-fit… everything was possible. Occasionally I went to the sports field for a sprint training, which also worked great.

I think there are no limits to the shoe, except in extreme areas.

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