foot soak with milk

A footbath with milk: Skin care like Cleopatra

foot soak with milk

A foot bath with milk supplies the skin with healthy fats. And the lactose makes our skin and nails soft and supple. Cleopatra, ruler of Egypt, swore by it already. Find out how a footbath with cow’s milk works here.

Foot baths are a relief for the feet. After a long working day on the legs, feet long for relaxation. Often the feet are heavy and tired. The shoes then also leave their traces like cornea. That’s why feet need care.

Simply combine relaxation and care. Take a milk foot bath, a well-known household remedy. The warmth relaxes muscles and tendons. The lymph is stimulated and the blood circulation increased. In this way, metabolic waste products can be transported away.

The ingredients of the milk provide the care. Thus our skin absorbs the fatty acids of the milk. This makes the skin and toenails softer. Milk sugar also ensures that more moisture is absorbed by the feet.

Recipe for a foot bath with milk:

  • A big bowl for your feet
  • Sufficient warm water
  • At least 100 ml full-fat milk ( organic milk has a higher content of healthy fatty acids )

Instructions for a milk footbath

  1. Pour warm water into the foot tub
  2. Add milk ( do not stir, the feet do that )
  3. Place foot tub on a towel in front of a comfortable armchair
  4. Sit down, immerse your feet and enjoy and relax for at least 15 – 20 minutes.
  5. Perform a footbath at least 2 times a week. Also in alternation with other foot baths.
  6. What should I watch out for when taking a footbath with milk?
  7. Make sure that you have no injuries on your feet.
  8. Don’t make the footbath too long. Otherwise the effect will be negative and your feet will swell up too much. This unnecessarily strains the skin.
  9. Your feet should not be creamed. Otherwise you don’t need milk in the foot bath. The fat of the cream does not let the ingredients of the milk into the skin.
  10. The foot tub should be big enough for your feet. So that the toes don’t bend.


If you now regularly do a milk footbath, you will soon benefit from the milk’s caregiver. In a few weeks your skin should become soft and tender.