Listerine foot soak

Listerine foot soak: Does it work?

Listerine, the mouthwash? And I’m supposed to do a foot soak with it? Why should I take a foot soak with Listerine at all? I also asked myself these questions after I heard about the trend on Pinterest. But I also asked myself whether it was really worth it and whether there was an alternative. Learn from me what I found out.

What is Listerine?

Listerine is an ordinary mouthwash. It is actually used for that purpose. And not for the currently popular Listerine foot soaks.

The two main components of Listerine are water and alcohol. Depending on which mouthwash you choose, other ingredients are added. But which do not play a role in the small amount. At least not for a Listerine foot bath.

So why should you do a Listerine foot soak?

Quite simply, because of its bactericidal effect and the pleasant smell. Because of the high alcohol content, bacteria can not survive.

A foot bath with Listerine against foot odor

The Listerine foot bath can help here quite well. Because our feet smell because of bacteria. As you may have read in my article about sweaty feet, bacteria produce acids that bite unpleasantly in the nose.

According to the manufacturer, Listerine kills 97% of the bacteria. And without these microorganisms there is no foot odor. In addition, the Listerine foot bath smells pleasantly of menthol and your feet smell afterwards as well.

A Listerine foot soak against foot fungus

So basically, it can work.

But, a big but!

Foot fungus weakens strongly the barrier function of our skin. Our skin is then injured at the affected skin areas. Now to give alcohol on it with menthol is a grotesque idea for a relaxed foot bath.

It burns!

Just as Listerine burns in the mouth, it will burn at the affected skin areas and worse! In addition, there are gentler and more effective remedies against athlete’s foot.

A Listerine foot bath against cornea

This effect can also be read from time to time when it comes to a foot bath with Listerine. Theoretically this is also true. Because there are corneal loosening ingredients in the mouthwash.

I don’t want to mention which substances they are. For the simple reason I wrote it at the beginning. Other ingredients are not present in a significant amount. The biggest effect against cornea will probably be the soaking in water itself.

What should you watch out for before taking a foot soak?

  • Injuries to the feet
  • allergies to the ingredients
  • diseases that speak against a foot bath
  • that’s all, actually

You need that for your Listerine foot soak:

  • A half to whole bottle of Listerine
  • enough water to cover your feet at least under your ankles.
  • foot tub
  • towel
  • something to kill the wait time

There you go:

  1. Preparing the foot tub with warm water
  2. add Listerine
  3. bathe feet for 15 to 30 minutes
  4. then dry off properly
  5. optionally now remove the cornea with a product of your choice
  6. cream feet
  7. finished

Alternatives to Listerine

This is not an invitation for thoughtless actions, just some ideas from me:

  • Pure alcohol: same antiseptic properties. My grandparents always swore by alcohol
  • hand disinfection
  • Aspirin: Can dissolve cornea well
  • Vinegar: Also dissolves cornea


I myself am not convinced of the Listerine foot soak. It is too expensive to use as a foot bath. And the main effect can be better replaced with cheap alcohol.

If you want to get rid of cornea, I can also offer you more elegant remedies. To means which can work more lastingly.

So there is no recommendation from me.

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