Relaxing foot bath: Wellness holiday for the feet


A foot bath is a great way to relax your feet. Foot baths do not only relax the feet. The whole body benefits from it. And you can read here how to do a foot bath correctly and what possibilities there are.

What’s a foot bath?

This is a bath which is only used on the feet. Such a bath goes only up to the lower legs. Different bath additives can be added to the water depending on the goal.

Why would I take a foot bath?

There are many reasons to take a foot bath. You can let your feet recover. This is how muscles and tendons relax. The feet can also swell down.

A foot bath can also be used for care. So you can soften the skin with certain bath additives. Or reduce callus. If you tend to have dry skin, you can let the skin absorb moisture.

The foot bath can also be necessary for medical reasons. There are bath additives against athlete’s foot or nail fungus. Here you should talk to your doctor.

What do I need for a foot bath?


  • Foot tub: You can use a real foot tub or household containers. The main thing is that the container is big enough for your feet.
  • Water: You can use hot or cold water. Depending on what you want to achieve

Not necessarily:

  • Thermometer: Practical to measure the temperature. But not absolutely necessary. Your feeling is also sufficient.
  • Bath additive: This also depends on your goal.

What comes into the foot bath?

This depends entirely on what you want to achieve. If you want to relax your feet, warm water is enough. However, relaxation can also be increased with certain additives. Here is a list for you with some additives for your foot tub.

For relaxation:

  • Arnica
  • lavender
  • alkaline foot bath
  • valerian
  • magnesium
  • St. John’s wort
  • licorice root

To care:

  • Milk
  • olive oil
  • almond oil
  • jojoba oil
  • shea butter
  • Apricot kernel oil

For sweaty feet:

  • Chamomile
  • sage
  • Electrical or galvanizing bath
  • mint

Against nail fungus:

  • vinegar
  • chlorine dioxide

Of course there are many more bath additives. However, this would go beyond the scope.

What should you keep in mind when taking a footbath?

It’s just a foot bath, you might think. What is there to consider? Feet in and done. But it’s not that simple. There are also some things to consider.

  • Above all, make sure that the water is never too hot. Otherwise you can hurt your skin
  • If you have varicose veins, you should ask your doctor first.
  • For injuries to the feet you should also do without it
  • You can’t take a bath freshly after an operation
  • Of course also do not use bath additives to which you react sensitively.

How do I do a footbath?

  1. First you prepare your place for relaxation. A comfortable armchair can be used as a seat. You may also want to lay out a towel. This keeps the floor dry and you can dab your feet directly after the bath.
  2. Next you prepare the foot tub. You can also use the water from the tap. The heat is completely sufficient. If you have a thermometer, perfect. A temperature of 36 to 38 degrees is ideal. Without a thermometer you have to feel with your hand if it fits.
  3. If you use a bath additive you can read on here. If not, just jump to the 4th point. Now you should put your bath additive in the water and stir a little. If you don’t like finished bath additives and want to use your own oil you need an emulsifier. This means a substance that allows you to mix oil with water. This can be milk or cream. Mix oil and emulsifier before adding to water.
  4. Place a kettle with hot water next to your foot tub. If your foot tub gets cold too quickly, you can increase the temperature again without getting up.
  5. Place a cup of tea or coffee near you to make it even more comfortable. Relaxation music can run quietly in the background if you want.
  6. Now take a seat and let your feet enjoy your holiday.
  7. When you’re done you should just dab your feet. Now further care can follow. e.g. nail care, peeling etc…

How long do you take a footbath?

I can’ t give a general answer to this question. The bathing times range from 10 minutes to 45 minutes. Depending on what your goal is and which bath additives you use.

If you only want to use water and relax, I can recommend 15 minutes for the beginning. Then you can decide if you like to bathe your feet longer.

How often should I take a foot bath?

If you just want to relax, do it whenever you want. You already notice when it is necessary and when it is not.

If care is your goal, you should bathe your feet at least 2 times a week. Here you can alternate the bath additives.

With a medical intention you can bathe your feet up to 2 times a day. It also depends on your problem and how fast you want to get rid of it.