Returned barefoot shoes


Are all barefoot shoes worth buying? You’d think when you read my reviews. But unfortunately this is not true. There are also shoes that I tried on and sent back. You can find a list of these shoes here. This list will be extended with time.

Merrel Vapor Glove 3

For me it was one of the most uncomfortable shoes ever. I had to order the Merrell Vapor Glove 3 several times. And each time I had to send it back.

I ordered the shoe in my size first, 46. Then I was thrilled to try it.

It looked very chic. Great craftsmanship too. Unfortunately it did not fit. Much too tight in the front. No room for my toes. Even without socks too small. And on the sole of my foot the shoe pressed. Right on the arch of my foot. I’ve only seen this in conventional shoes before. So I sent it back.

Then I ordered the shoe in 46 and a half. Hoping to have a better candidate now. I’m afraid it’s a no-go. Same problem as with the first one. Too tight in the front and a pressure on the arch of the foot. Sent back again.

Ordered again in size 47, and I couldn’t believe it. Too tight in the front again, and the same pressure on the arch of the foot. Of course, I didn’t keep the shoe either.

But I did not try one size bigger. Because then the shoe becomes very long. This makes me get stuck more often or changes my gait pattern unconsciously.

So no recommendation to buy the Merrell Vapor Glove 3!