Sweaty feet: What many have and nobody needs!

Many have them, no one needs them and you don’t want to talk about them either, sweaty feet. About a third of the people suffer from it. Sweaty feet cause an unpleasant smell. Read on now to find out everything about this annoying topic.

What are sweaty feet?

These are feet that sweat excessively. Medically this is called hyperhidrosis pedis/plantaris. Not every sweaty foot is a disease. There are other causes for this.

How do sweaty feet develop?

Our skin can sweat. That’s actually a good thing. In this way our body regulates its temperature. The sweat evaporates on the surface of the skin and gives off heat to the environment.

But in some places it becomes unpleasant. When the sweating part of the body does not get to the air. For example our feet when they are in shoes.

The nervous system can also contribute to this. If it overreacts, it also causes sweating. Especially the so-called vegetative nervous system.

Everybody has been in a situation where he was nervous and excited. This stimulates the vegetative nervous system, which in turn leads to increased sweating. Especially on hands and feet.

What are the reasons for sweating feet?

  • hyperhidrosis
  • anxiety
  • nervousness
  • stress
  • bad shoes
  • wrong socks
  • warm environment

Why do sweating feet smell?

Our sweat doesn’t actually smell. But our feet already smell after a day in shoes. How is that possible ?

The answer is bacteria. They live naturally on our skin. These bacteria feed on old skin flakes and sweat. All of this is natural.

But what happens when these bacteria lack air? Then they produce different acids such as butyric acid. This has a very strong smell, similar to some cheeses.

What can you do about perspiring feet?

We have a whole range of aids at our disposal for this purpose. There are enough remedies in the pharmacy, at the uncle doctor’s or also in the good old house pharmacy.

Electricity against sweaty feet

A common remedy for sweaty feet is electricity. A so-called galvanic bath is used. The feet are placed in a water basin between two metal plates. Then a gentle direct current is conducted through the feet. This ensures that the feet sweat less later.

Which shoes are best for perspiring feet?

The more breathable the shoe, the better! Shoes made of natural materials such as leather or cotton are particularly suitable for this. Some plastic shoes are also ok if they are airy.

Solid shoes made of plastic are rather bad than right. They are less breathable and tend to stink quickly. Moisture also brings other problems with it, more on that below.

Which socks for sweaty feet?

The same applies here as for shoes. Breathable socks are the best. They should also be made of cotton, because plastic socks also quickly smell like cheese.

Sage: A household remedy for perspiring feet

Sage is a centuries-old remedy for many ailments. Not only is it anti-inflammatory, it also reduces the production of sweat.

You can take the sage as tea to let it work on the whole body. Or you regularly take foot baths with sage. So it works only on the feet and reduces the sweating.

Consequences of sweating feet

The smell of wet feet over time is known to everyone. But unfortunately the sweat foot holds further dangers.

The damp climate in the shoe is ideal for the formation of mycosis. This likes it moist and warm, there it grows most of all.

Therefore you should change your socks and shoes more times a day. So you don’t give the fungus a chance to thrive.

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