Zaqq Peaq in the barefoot shoes test

Barefoot shoes test in chic. For me there were some celebrations in store last year. And this time I did not want to show up with one of my previous barefoot shoes. Something chic was needed. But I did not want an ordinary business shoe. For the simple reasons: too expensive for something so uncomfortable. So I looked for a barefoot shoe for special occasions. I found what I was looking for at the Zaqq company, with the Peaq model. And you can find out what this shoe can do in my test.


  • Looks like an ordinary business shoe
  • Outstanding craftsmanship
  • Very comfortable, but could use more support
  • Very pleasant: barefoot feeling, lightweight, toe freedom
  • Non-slip, even on damp dance floors
  • High quality leather
  • Suitable for every chic occasion

First impression and appearance

Wow. That was my first reaction. I immediately had the impression of having something of high quality in my hands. And the smell of new leather. Awesome.

The look of this shoe is very simple. No extravagant decorations.

Also a round tip. I like that more than pointed shoes.


Just fantastic. You can see the German craftsmanship in every seam. Everything fits.

Often seen in cheaper shoes, glue remains between sole and shoe. With my model, no chance. No glue residue, that’s the way it should be. Also a flawless seam, which holds the leather together with the sole.

There is nothing to criticize about the workmanship for me.

Fit and wearing comfort

First of all, this is the most comfortable business shoe I have ever worn. And it’s also more comfortable than any shoe I’ve ever bought at Deichmann. But it’s not the most comfortable barefoot shoe. My Leguano aktiv and Vivobarefoot Primus Trail Firm ground are more comfortable. Subjectively, of course.

I was at a wedding with the Zaqq. From the morning in the church until the end of the ceremony after midnight. There were all the challenges that a shoe like this has to overcome. Walking, short runs and dancing. And after over 10 hours in these shoes my feet felt great. Nothing pressed or rubbed. I was bubble free.

The greatest strength I find is the toe freedom. Because the round toe of the shoe leaves a lot of room for the forefoot. So the toes can spread with every step.

Unfortunately, however, freedom also lacks some support for me. Because inside is smooth leather. It has its advantages when putting on and taking off. With movements you can slip a little. But this is whining on a high level.

One notices that was thought along. In the heel area there is a piece of suede. So I never had the feeling that my foot could lose the shoe. I know this from conventional leather shoes differently. There I often had the feeling that my feet would slip right out.

Barefoot feeling

The barefoot feeling is present. For me it is situated between the Vivobarefoot Primus Trail Firm Ground and the Leguano. So is the sole of the flexibility between the two.

Thus the feet are challenged and supported enough. You can feel small stones and untrained ones bigger stones hurt. But you should consider this with every barefoot shoe.

Slip resistance of the sole

Within the scope of what the shoe is intended for, the slip resistance is perfect.

This means that you can rely on the shoes in everyday life. They have also been used at some weddings. And there on the dance floor I always had the feeling that nothing could happen to me. Even in wet areas.

Even in pouring rain I had a good feeling. We were briskly on our way from the church to a restaurant over cobblestones. There I also tried around if I could slide. All safe.

Of course I cannot say how the shoe would look like in the mountains. But that is not what it is made for. And who would go alpine hiking in such shoes.


Very high quality materials are used for this model. You can see that clearly.

The shoe consists of real leather outside and inside. Perfectly processed.

The sole consists of natural rubber. This is neatly glued and sewn to the shoe.

That’s all you can say about it. Except that the leather has its own characteristics. A little bit breathable but the feet sweat anyway with time.

Field of use

You can already see the stakes in the shoe. It is a noble leisure shoe for everyday life. But it is also very suitable for upscale occasions. Be it a wedding or a business meeting. It is perfectly suitable for this.

One should also leave it at that. Since the sole has no profile, it is not suitable for off-road use. But still more suitable than any conventional business shoe. However, as mentioned above. For what it was made, it is perfect.

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