Ballop Test: The Spider V2 On the test stand

In this test the Ballop Spider V2 was put under the magnifying glass. Again a water shoe that wants to earn a place among the barefoot shoes. If he succeeded, you can find out in this barefoot shoe test.


  • Sporty look with Spiderman character
  • Well processed with weaknesses
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Very good barefoot feeling
  • Relatively non-slip
  • 100% plastic
  • Very flexible in use

First impression and appearance

A very interesting look I thought in the first moment. Well I think the shoes look quite unusual with this spider web pattern. But not necessarily bad. Some younger patients even asked me if the shoe belongs to the movie Spiderman. One could actually believe that.

But otherwise the Ballop Spider V-2 looks like a sports shoe. Not conspicuous from a distance. In the city centre people don’t look at you funny like with FiveFingers from Vibram.

When you unpack the shoe, a slight chemical smell comes up. This went away immediately and stayed away.

Surprisingly the shoes came with an extra insole. Similar to the Vivobarefoot Primus Trail Firm Ground. One could almost think that these soles came from the same company. So I was very positively surprised.

Workmanship of the Ballop Spider V2

Can something decent be offered at this low price? I don’t know. In a capitalist world, you usually get what you pay for. The Ballop Spider V2 is cheaper than the competition and this is reflected in the workmanship.

A big problem with shoes is often the place on the sole where the foot bends. The sole often detaches from the upper material. The Ballop Spider V2 has shown this phenomenon on the left shoe after 2 months of use. Which did not happen with the more expensive competition.

But the upper material is very robust. How often did I roll over it with the wheels of my treatment stool. At least 3 times a day. And there are no signs of wear and tear.

Fit and wearing comfort

I was beginning to suspect I might have to buy some bigger shoes. Because I have such wide feet. So I ordered 46.5-47 and they fit perfectly. Not too long and from the width just right.

Because the upper material is also very flexible, nothing can pinch.

There was one thing I was incredibly excited about, no sweaty feet. The insole provides a good climate in the shoe. You can do the whole day without wet feet.

Nevertheless, there is one negative point with these shoes. The sole is pulled up a little at the heel. You don’t feel this when wearing them normally, but when driving a car. If the foot is only in contact with the heel, the sole presses a little at the back. Not really strong, but noticeable.

Barefoot feeling

The barefoot feeling is extremely good. It lies between the Vivobarefoot Primus Trail Firm Ground and the Sole Runner Trainer FX 3, so I can clearly feel the ground, but I am well protected.

It always remains pleasant to walk over stones. The feet don’t tire and don’t hurt even after long working days.

Slip resistance of the sole

Because it’s a water shoe, you’d think it would be incredibly slip-resistant. But that’s not quite true. Because on wet and flat surfaces it can get slippery. Even if it should actually hold.

Otherwise it offers good grip. Every situation is mastered with a firm grip. The Ballop is up to any challenge. I also had no difficulties when walking over gravel and leaves.


Pure plastic. Polyester is supplemented with elastane. The Ballop Spider V2 is nevertheless breathable.

The material also dries extremely quickly. You won’t regret walking through a stream after 2 hours because your feet soften. They are already dry again after that time.

But what I am really enthusiastic about, the feet do not smell. After 8 hours of work daily with the shoes and 2 months. No smell. Super!

Areas of use for these shoes

Can this shoe be used for something other than water?


The Ballop Spider V2 is like a normal sports shoe. And you can use it like this.

For weightlifting, jogging, cycling and even light hiking is possible. However, I would not take it with me on any high alpine tour. It lacks the profile.

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