Leguanito Test: Barefoot shoes for children

This barefoot shoe test is about a shoe that I could not test myself. But my two-year-old niece did. It’s about the Leguanito from the company Leguano. Whether this shoe is suitable for children’s feet, you will find out in this test.


  • Look like socks
  • Outstanding quality
  • Very good fit
  • One size for different age ranges
  • Very non-slip sole
  • Good hold
  • Breathable material with Lyocell
  • For indoor and warmer outdoor use

First impression and appearance of the Leguanito

Cute little kiddie socks. I thought so right from the start. The Leguanitos just look cute.

Workmanship and quality of the Leguanito

With the workmanship of the Leguanitos we meet the usual high quality of Leguano. Thereby the sole is properly glued. One looks for glue remains in vain. It is a nice transition from fabric to sole.

The fabric itself is also well processed. Flawless. Also the transition from the dyed fabric to the elastic waistband is flawless. A clear colour separation.

Fit and wearing comfort

It is really difficult for me to estimate this without having tried the Leguanitos myself. But from a therapeutic point of view I can say that the shoes are perfect for children’s feet.

From the width the shoes are generously designed. Therefore, my niece’s foot has enough room to spread her toes when rolling.

As far as the length is concerned, you can buy a few sizes bigger. Because the sole bends up in front of the shoe. That way the foot doesn’t get stuck anywhere and you don’t have to buy new shoes after the next growth spurt.

Barefoot feeling

There’s not much I can say about that. But I can make assumptions. I think that with this size of shoe some barefoot feeling is lost. Because the thickness of the sole is almost identical to the adult soles. Therefore this thickness meets a relatively small area. Which means flexibility is lost. My idea would be to make the sole a bit thinner so that the foot gets enough impressions from the ground and the child’s foot can be strengthened.

Slip resistance of the sole

With the Leguanito we find the same sole as with all other Leguano shoes. Therefore I can let my niece run outside with a clear conscience. Because the sole holds on every underground. Whether wet or ice, the foot is always safe.


I am divided on this point. On the one hand I am enthusiastic and on the other hand disappointed. But why is this so?

The enthusiasm about the Leguanito comes from the Lyocell used for the upper material. Lyocell is a natural material made of viscose, so it is biodegradable.

The downer comes from the remaining components. Lyocell is only 47%, polyamide 42%, polypropylene 9% and elastane 2%. There I would have wished a little more environmental friendly.

The sole is once again made of Lifolit, the company’s own material. A PVC mixture which is robust and flexible.

Field of use of the Leguanito

The possible uses are numerous.

Except for the cold days there are no limits for the Leguanitos. They are fun to play with. Whether in the forest or on the playground, suitable for every explorer. My niece has already convinced many parents in kindergarten to buy Leguanitos for their children.

And when it is cold outside, you just put them on indoors. They are also excellent non-slip socks.

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