Vivobarefoot Test: Primus Lite Ladies

After my boyfriend was so satisfied with his Vivobarefoot shoes, I wanted to try out a pair. I chose the Vivobarefoot Primus Lite Ladies. Because of their sporty look and subtle colors. But if I was as satisfied as my boyfriend, you can read in my Vivobarefoot Test.

Bullet points:

  • Super beautiful shoes
  • Total great fabrication
  • For slender feet
  • Little barefoot feeling
  • Good slip resistance
  • Beautiful feet climate
  • Super for sports and everyday life

First impression and appearance

Vivobarefoot im Test

Oh, wow! The Vivobarefoot Lite Ladies looks really cool. I find the colors summery and the shape sporty. It is also very light.

When I saw it for the first time, I felt like going jogging.

At work, I got some compliments from my colleagues. I am twice as happy to wear the shoe.


I had already seen my friend’s model. Here the workmanship is no different. That means the sole is nicely glued and all seams have no thread sticking out. The shoe looks very high quality. So I am very satisfied with it.

Fit and wearing comfort

Vivobarefoot Test

I have ordered the Vivobarefoot Primus Lite Ladies in size 37. And it fitted right away. It’s all in place. Because there’s no squeezing or rubbing.

Unfortunately I had the feeling that the left shoe did not fit as well as the right one. It was a few millimeters too tight on my shoelaces. Even with a lot of trial and error the feeling was not there. But it was also not so disturbing. Just a feeling as if something was wrong. A shoemaker was able to correct this in a few seconds.

Now there is nothing more to complain about.

The shoe is super light. Each shoe weighs about 150 grams. Which is already noticeable with very long walking distances. Or even not noticed. Because with time I forget that I wear shoes at all.

The shoe is also incredibly breathable. Because the material is also like the Vivos of my boyfriend, partly transparent. Here you don’t get sweaty.

Barefoot feeling

Vivobarefoot im Test

Here I was a little disappointed. Because the sole is harder than with the Leguano active. Therefore the barefoot feeling is a bit worse.

I feel the underground less well than with the Leguano. But still better than with any other normal shoe.

Slip resistance of the sole

Vivobarefoot im Test

Unfortunately the slip resistance is also a little weak. Because on smooth surfaces there is no grip. On moist surfaces it can be quite dangerous.

But when I was hiking with the Primus in the Alps, I always felt safe. Because on wet rock the grip was there. Or even on rubble.


Vivobarefoot im Test

The materials used are all plastic. So is the breathable Air mesh. This is what the upper material is made of. The sole is made of a patented rubber mixture.

I am absolutely no friend of plastic. Unfortunately you will find few barefoot shoes made of natural materials. Nevertheless, there is a point deduction.

Possible areas of use

Vivobarefoot Test primus Lite Ladies

The shoe fits many occasions. As a running shoe it makes a great figure. But hiking is also possible. As you can see on the pictures, we were on the way in the Alps.

Of course, you can wear the Vivos super in summer as a leisure shoe. Or at work. There are hardly any limits.

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