Leguano Style Rose In The Barefoot Shoe Test

I figured it was time for a new pair of shoes. I needed a change. This time I wanted to try something more fashionable barefoot shoes. My choice fell on the Leguano Style Rose. Because I was so satisfied with the Leguano aktiv before, I had great expectations now. Whether I was also so happy with this model, you can read in this barefoot shoe test.


  • Super beautiful shoes
  • Usual high quality
  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Beautiful barefoot feeling like on clouds
  • Very non-slip sole like the Leguano aktiv
  • Unfortunately completely made of plastic
  • Extremely versatile

First impression and appearance

I was already enthusiastic about the look, because I saw the Leguano Style Rose on the pictures. In real it looked even better.

I love the color rose anyway and now I have it on my feet. Beautiful and chic.

The black ribbon which goes once across the foot makes it look good. It separates the foot optically and makes the shoe look interesting.

Processing and quality of the Leguano Style Rose

What Leguano delivers here, is once again great. I can hardly imagine a better quality.

Every seam fits perfectly. There is nothing sticking out. No loose threads. The sole is really cleanly glued without any visible glue residues. It’s great.

Fit and wearing comfort

Again, nothing to complain about. I find the Leguano Style Rose even a tick more comfortable than my Leguano active.

My feet feel really comfortable in them. Seer pleasant on the skin. I also always have the feeling that my feet always get enough air. After some time I also forget that I have them on my feet at all.

Barefoot feeling

Can the shoe be beautiful and give a great barefoot feeling? Oh, yes. Because it is the same sole as the Leguano aktiv. The well-tried Lifolit sole.

In them I always feel the ground without fear of hurting myself. I also have a good conscience, because I do something good for my body.

Slip resistance of the sole

I can’t say much here either. I have not tested the shoe in extreme situations, but it is the tried and tested Lifolit sole. It is really identical with all Leguano shoes.

My friend was with his Leguano aktiv in an ice cave on the Dachstein glacier. There he had a great grip and walk security without end. I think that the Leguano Style Rose also offer such a great safety. At least I had no problems walking over wet river stones.


I don’t like plastic. Unfortunately the Leguano Style Rose is only made of plastic.

It is really breathable. My feet stay comfortably dry all day long. And my feet do not smell like cheese even after a few months. But I always wear them with socks. Still I am sure they will smell quickly if I wear them barefoot.

For the future I wish that Leguano also offers models made of natural fibres.

Field of use

The possible applications are numerous.

I wear my Leguanos at work and in my spare time. Because they don’t look like sports shoes either, they can be worn for more elegant occasions. They go with a colourful summer dress as well as with a sporty look.

And because the sole is so good, you could even wear them on a hike.

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